Best & Cheapest Way to get Acrylic Nails

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I have been asked this question in too many emails so here comes a separate article dedicated to this question alone. Hope you find it useful girls.

What’s the Best & Cheapest Way for Maintaining Acrylic Nails? 

If you want to go with my opinion, the best strategy for getting acrylic nails and then maintaining them while ensuring they don’t go too heavy on your pocket is:

  • For the first time you are going to get acrylics done, do hire a professional and licensed nail technician. Why?
    • They will give you consultancy if your nails are fit or not for the acrylic nails. If yes then what type of them are most suitable. Also you can go through the entire procedure while they do it for you.
    • For the first refills and repairs also, you may want to go to the same professional to experience the process technically.


  •  For subsequent refills, removal of acrylic nails and getting them again should be done by yourself. Why?
    • Get creative and use plenty of designs available to create your own beautiful nails.
    • You can repair or refill more frequently and keep the best acrylic nails in town.
    • It will be very economical if you plan to keep acrylic nails for long. Cost comes down to almost 10 – 15 % when you do it at home in long term. Once you get them, you definitely want to keep them forever as they are too good to be given away.
    • You can keep a check on the quality of materials. Buy the original and best quality nail supplies and you won’t face any problems at all.

Great, but where do i find the best quality & reasonably priced nail supplies? 

I have done a lot of hard work on that seriously. I have spent more then a few months researching and testing which supplies work the best for you. Buy these supplies once and you are set for next 3-4 months at least. Buy the bigger packs and you will cut your costs by more than 50% maintaining the best quality.

You can see full list of recommended nail supplies here:

Best Acrylic Nails Supplies to Buy

These are the best and fairly priced supplies due to high competition. You can read not few but hundreds of positive vouches by the customers on amazon. I highly recommend to buy them online from amazon to make sure you are getting genuine products. BEWARE: A lot of fake or duplicate nail supplies have floated in the market. Buy from trusted source only like amazon or Walmart.

If you need to know how to do acrylic nails yourself at home, follow the best detailed step by step guide with images here:

How to Apply Acrylic Nails Yourself at Home


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