How to Do Acrylic Nails at Home : Part 1 Supplies

 PART 1 : Buy Acrylic Nails Supplies

This is not just a quick tutorial but a very comprehensive detailed step by step guide for how to do acrylic nails yourself at home.

We will cover every tiny detail you need to know to do your own acrylic nails without the need of any professional guiding you. After you finish going through, you will find yourself having the same knowledge as an expert and may even want to offer the same service to your friends. No i am not joking, I mean what i just said!

This guide will be divided into different parts. First we need to collect all the supplies required to do acrylic nails at home.

OPTION 1 : Acrylic Nails Starter Kit (yes Optional not recommended)

This is the best kit you can buy if you want to. Look for no other. Best acrylic nails starter kit

Why not recommended? It will be a good bargain than buying all supplies separately. So only if you are low on budget then I would recommend going for starter kit but please notice that the quality of the products is not very good in these starter kits.

If you do not want to compromise with quality, please stay away from the starter kits and instead spend some more money to buy the best quality acrylics nails supplies separately. In the long run, they will be much better, healthy and also cheaper.

I have done a deep research to find the best nail supplies you can buy without giving a second thought. My recommendations are backed with hundreds of reviews by happy customers and these are the best brands you can get at fair pricing.

Here goes the complete list of all supplies you need before we get started:


1. Acrylic Nail Tips

Best acrylic nails tips to buy

Note: These are white tips, you can go for natural color, pink or any other you want. There are plenty of colors and designs. Just click on above image and you will find lots to choose from. Select as per your desire.

2. Nail Glue

best acrylic nail glue

Note: Yes this one is the best glue for applying tips on your nails. Don’t go with the cheap ones if you want your acrylics to stick on your nails for a long time.

3. Acrylic Nail Clipper

acrylic nail clipper

NOTE: Please don’t go for those overseas cheap quality nail clippers. This clipper comes directly from A US store and is worth the price. You won’t regret buying this.

4. Nail File

Best crystal nail file

NOTE: This is a pretty good file that does it job really well. You may want to consider an electric file kit if you want a faster alternative. Look at the 6th option.

5. Nail Buffer

Best fine grade nail buffer

Note: This is a good one you want to have for all your nail buffering requirements. Again if you want, buy an electric kit instead which does both filing and buffer. Look at the next option.

6. Electric File Buffer Kit (Recommended)

electric nail kit

NOTE: This is a good quality electric nail kit for filing and buffering. This is really good product for the beginners. Complete value for money.

7. Acrylic Liquid

best acrylic liquid

Note: You may want to buy bigger volume to get true value for money. Regarding quality, do not worry as this product has stood the test of time.

8. Acrylic Powder

best acrylic nail powder

NOTE: No this isn’t something too expensive but also not some cheap quality. This is the most popular acrylic nail powder which you can’t go wrong with.

9. Acrylic Dish

acrylic bowl dish

Note: i simply love this one. Its so lovely and elegant. Also not very costly, just go and buy few of them.

10. Acrylic Brush

best acrylish brush

NOTE: Yes you get 5 good quality brushes for such a low price and the most popular product in the amazon. Its fail proof.

11. Acetone Nail Polish Remover

best acetone based nail polish remover

NOTE: Comes from a trusted brand. Nothing more is needed to be said for this amazing nail polish remover. Its recommended to use acetone based remover only. Regular removers do not work for this job.

12. Nail Primer

best nail no burn primer

NOTE: Their products are always high quality. The acrylic liquid i recommended comes from the same brand. Quality is second to none. Just go for it, you won’t regret.

13. Cuticle Stick

best nail cuticle stick

NOTE: This cuticle stick is pretty good product. It has a rubber edge and is really long lasting. I suggest buying one. You will get true value for every penny spent on it.

14. Nail Dust Remover

best nail dust remover brush

NOTE: Looks too cute, isn’t it? Yes you would want to clean your nail again & again with this soft brush. 🙂

15. Lint free Cotton Pads

best lint free cotton pads

NOTE: These cotton pads are really awesome to be honest. Hundreds of reviews vouch for the quality. You can use other soft cotton cloth or other stuff too. But if you want to buy then these are the best option.

Those are all the supplies you are going to need to do the acrylic nails at home yourself. You can buy them at your local store also but i have hand picked the best and tested supplies which always work up to expectations. If you buy these, you won’t face any compatibility issues hopefully.

Let’s move on to the next part of this tutorial “how to do acrylic nails at home”, click below:

PART 2: Preparing The Nails for Acrylics

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