How to Do Acrylic Nails at Home : PART 4 Finishing

Before you go through the last part, please make sure you have read first 3 parts of this step by step tutorial:

PART 1: Which Supplies to Buy for Best Acrylics

PART 2: How to Prepare the Nails for Acrylics

PART 3: How to Apply Acrylics


Okay here you are sitting with that lovely shiny acrylic on your nails. Its time to make it more beautiful.

PART 4 : Finishing Touch for the Acrylic Nails

STEP 1 : Shaping the Nails

finishing acrylic nails

  • Trim: First trim down the acrylic nails if required using a fine nail clipper.
  • File: Use a coarse (not soft this time) nail file to give the desired shape to your new acrylic nails.
  • Buffer: Use a good nail buffer to buff the nail surface and make it shiny and butter smooth.
    • WARNING: Do not buffer too close to the cuticle, you may hurt yourself and yes it hurts a lot!
    • If you feel burning sensation during buffering then simply move to the other areas to keep it cool.
    • Don’t be too rough while filing your new nails. You don’t want them to break.

STEP 2: Time to Paint

  • Yes get your favorite nail paint and apply more than a few layers on your beautiful acrylic nails.
  • Give them a very shiny and smooth surface that those without acrylics feel like killing you out of jealousy. ha ha just kidding!
    • TIP: Before you apply the nail paint, make sure you clean the nails and remove the leftover dust due to filing with the help of nail duster.

STEP 3: Are we not done already?

  • Oh yes, we are. 🙂

You will need to maintain the nails regularly as they will grow in around 14-16 days then you can remove the acrylics or you can apply more acrylics as you wish.

Please don’t feel sad if you didn’t get them right after your first try. Remember every first success is preceded by a failed attempt.

If you need any further help or want to ask anything about acrylic nails, feel free to contact us or simply leave your comment here.


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