Acrylic Nails and Pregnancy

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Should i wear acrylics after I get pregnant? 

Is it safe to get acrylic nails done during pregnancy? 

Should i remove my fake nails during pregnancy? 

These are some of the many questions that must be going through your mind if you are pregnant right now?

I know you are also praying that i answer these in positive as losing your beautiful acrylics is such a pain.

Here’s the short & quick answer:

Yes. It is more than safe for you as well as your baby to wear acrylic nails during your pregnancy.

But that does not mean you do not have to take any precautions. You have that little life growing inside your womb who can’t say anything but feels everything his/her mommy does. Acrylic nails are absolutely safe but only if you take care of certain things.

Myth 1: Since acrylic is made of chemical, many women think that while eating some of it definitely goes inside which can harm the baby.

Answer: It is NOT completely true. This is definitely correct that acrylic has chemicals which can harm the baby but does it really goes inside you? No it doesn’t as acrylic becomes super hard after setting and it is then coated with base coat, nail polish and finally a top coat. There is so much protection that you need not worry about that. But yes if you go mad and start biting your nails and eating them, its definitely a problem. Haha Jokes apart. It is completely safe. Relax.

Myth 2: Nails during pregnancy are very weak so it is not safe to have fake nails over them.

Answer:  Its actually the opposite. Nails during the pregnancy especially during the later weeks are much stronger as compared to a normal woman. That is in fact one of the main reasons that women do not feel any need of acrylic nails during those days because they love their strong shiny natural nails.

However the chemicals which are used to make acrylic are very harmful when they are not set. They emit fumes which are not good at all for you whether you are pregnant or not. But during pregnancy you need to take extra care.

acrylic nails and pregnancy

During Pregnancy: You Must Follow These Precautions

1. Good Ventilation Must be there

It is very important that while applying acrylics on your nails during pregnancy, you are working in a well ventilated room. Windows must be kept open and in fact its preferred that you do the process in a balcony or sitting close to a window. You need to avoid the fumes of acrylic going inside you by all means.

If you are getting your nails done in a salon where there is no proper ventilation, make sure that you wear a mask during the entire procedure.

If you are a nail expert and your job is to do acrylics for your clients all day, do wear a good mask all the time and keep the salon sufficiently aired.

2. Don’t go for open acrylic

Do not leave the acrylics as it is. You must paint over them using a good quality nail paint to make sure acrylic won’t come off.

3. Use high quality material

Do not use poor quality  material at least not when you have that new life growing inside you. Buy the branded and trusted products only from reliable sources. I recommend going for these best nail supplies if you do it yourself at home:

Recommended Safe Supplies for Acrylic Nails

4. Pre-delivery Suggestion

This precaution is only optional and not necessary. I just suggest it to be extra safe. Though I have numerous cases to cite that it is not required to follow. Just a couple of weeks before the expected delivery date, you should get the fake nails removed using a safe procedure (acetone method recommended in a ventilated area).

The reason is you simply don’t want to hold your new born baby in your hands with those long pointed nails. Do you? A baby’s skin is super soft and he is so tender that I can’t even think of him getting hurt with your sharp acrylic nail and see his pure red blood coming out. A very thought of this situation fills me full of pain.

Final words…

Yes it is 100% safe to have acrylic nails while you are pregnant. Just follow the above precautions and you are more than safe.

Good luck and my best wishes  for you and your baby. Be a great mom. 🙂

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