How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last

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Before we start on anything new, we are more worried about the after effects rather than the benefits or purpose of doing the same.

You have probably come here wanting to have beautiful acrylics done on your nails but not sure how long do acrylic nails last? By the end of this article, I am sure you won’t need to ask this question again. There goes your questions and my honest answers based on the expert opinion of myself and several others in the industry.

Please note the opinion described here is backed with expert consultancy.

Should I get Acrylics done?

If you do not want to look pretty and have those shiny kissable acrylic nails, then no they are not for you. You want to have acrylics done only if:

  • You are ready to face your friends getting jealous of you.
  • You want to hear several compliments for the cute and pretty nails.
  • You have no problem with every other person in the crowd staring at your hands.

In short: Definitely yes, they are so lovely and beautiful. Forget about all the myths you have heard and the horror stories. That is not going to happen with you if you do it the way you should. You won’t regret ever getting acrylics done. That’s a promise.

For how long do acrylic nails last?

The answer to this simple question is very complex. Getting acrylics done is easy but you have to take care of them regularly or you are inviting trouble to your nails.

Acrylic nails usually last for 2 – 3 weeks before you will need little filling and fixing job done. In some cases, girls easily manage up to 4 weeks before they go for the filling.

The overall life of the acrylic nails varies from 2 to  3 months. Yes you’ll want to get them redone after that period simply because they will lose the charm they had before.

Acrylic Nails Overall Life            2 to 3 months

Filling/fixing Intervals                2 to 3 weeks

Why filling & fixing is necessary after 2 weeks? 

Since your natural nails keep growing after getting fake nails, we will need to fill the gaps coming due to the constant growth of your nails.

You don’t just sleep in the bed all day, do you? Definitely not. You are working all day and its highly probable that you damage your nails while working. Some common examples:

  • While working out in the gym.
  • Getting your nail trapped in your car’s door.
  • Your dog bit them because they were too lovely to his sight.
  • Many more, accidents do happen.

This damage has to be fixed regularly but if you don’t do the acrylics yourself and prefer going to salon, then 2 weeks is a comfortable period. If you manage your acrylics yourself, you can do the fixing stuff every 3-4 days as it hardly takes 5 minutes of your time.

My friend goes for filling after 4 weeks! How so long ?

Filling really depends on the type of nails you have. Some people have very slow moving nails and few get their nails ready to be trimmed by 2 mm in just 5 to 6 days.

Usually in most cases, nails grow to an extent that filling becomes necessary after 15 days otherwise they start looking really bad. Yes the gap becomes quite visible. No I don’t like that at all. It spoils the entire beauty of acrylics.

Today, I saw a girl’s fake nail just fell off. Why so?

Ha ha, you must be kidding. No? 😐

There can be only one reason how you got to see such an embarrassing episode. IMPROPER APPLICATION, that’s it nothing else.

Often people tend to save money by using cheap products or visiting low grade salons which are using the products I would want to run away with.

I got an offer few weeks back from someone based in California who was willing to offer acrylic nails service on this site for only $10. I never responded back. There is no need to.  You should do the same when you get people like those. But no, here’s a common reaction that scammers like those get from you people:

Scam Nail Artist: “Hey I’ll do acrylics only  for $10, not one but both hands included in the package. Deal? Here is the sample design:

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last

You: Wowwwwwwwwwww! Only $10 for both! Oh! My lucky day 🙂 Yes deal done.

acrylic nails life

4 days later, 2 nails broke, 1 hurting your nail bed too much, 2 nails came out and one has lost the acrylic material.

You to the scam nail artist: What is this? They lasted not even 3 days.

Scam Nail Artist: That happens madam, its your first time that’s why. I’ll fix it for only $10.

You: No thanks, Just take them off. I hate acrylics.

You to me: You said acrylics are great and pain free. See what happened. 🙁

Me: Where and for how much you got them?

You: For only $10 from a local artist.

never buy cheap acrylics

Me: You got what you paid for!!

So, Acrylic Nails are good or not ?

Yes they are very good. They don’t harm you or should not hurt at all if they are done accurately. The trick is:

  • Follow the right procedure. For first time, prefer taking help of a nail expert (only reputed salons).
  • From next time, do it yourself as its not difficult at all. Make sure the expert or you take the right approach. Read detailed step by step guide here: How to Do Acrylic Nails
  • Use only the best quality products. Please don’t compromise on the quality and cost. Otherwise those $10 are waste too.
  • If you can’t afford to buy good products (most importantly glue, monomer and powder) , then I’m sorry but acrylic nails are not for you.
  • For some people, fake nails do not suit because of personal health concerns. A physician can guide you better then. Its recommended not to get them done if your doctor says your nails are not made for fake nails.

This was the short but helpful answer to your easy question “How long do acrylic nails last” ?

Source: Google Images,wikipedia

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16 thoughts on “How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last”

  1. Um I didn’t understand the filling thing I don’t have fake nails on right now but I will soon for the first time and I don’t understand the filling thing I would like you to please get back to me on how too.

  2. when you get your nails done after a long period of time your nails start to grow and you are able to see the new growth. when you get a filling its like getting your nails done over or filling in where the new growth is seen. if you still don’t understand you can go on youtube

  3. Basically , as your nail grows underneath the acrylic, the acrylic will obviously stay with the nail , this means up at your cuticle where your nails grow from a gap will gradually be formed where your nails are growing , this will have to be “filled” it is called an infill

  4. Hi I am a chronic nail biter and I have been able to quit biting my nails a couple times with the help of professionally done nails, but always end up biting them again because I couldn’t afford to get them filled and retouched. SO I got myself a home acrylic nail kit, but instead of lasting a month or so, I’m lucky to have them last a week! What am I doing wrong? 🙁

  5. I do piano but im not allowed to have long nails. I have about 3 weeks in between where i have a break for the summer so i want to get acrylics then. Can i get them taken off after 3 weeks instead of filling them and leaving them on for 3 months?

  6. How save is it to get to your nails done when you have 5 months pregnant can I get them done or No I am just wondering thank you from:Lisa Schanz

  7. Hi I would like to say I love acrylic nails. But to be honest I do not have them so others can admire them or get jealous I do it to make myself feel good. If you are doing it so you can look ” pretty ” or for attention then that’s the wrong way to go.

    Please only get your nails done for yourself. We are all beautiful so yes by all means have them done but do it for yourselves.


    Regards Claire xxx


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